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Ramage Performance

4Arm Strong, Small. Proven to prevent arm pump!

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4Arm Strong is a self-applied assisted stretching device for the forearms, designed by former pro motocross racer, Lee Ramage, who is now an Active Release Techniques Certified Therapist. The 4Arm Strong w as developed so anyone can perform Active Release Techniques type of aided stretching to themselves without the need to see a therapist. Using the 4Arm Strong can prevent arm pump, improve grip strength, treat forearm and elbow pain, Carpal Tunnel symptoms, and increase flexibility and durability. 
  • Great for any athlete who uses their arms
  • Easy to use
  • Fits easily in your gear bag
  • Durable and made to last

See Home page for instructional videos.

4ARM STRONG helps athletes of all types find a better way to improve forearm flexibility and function, relieve elbow pain, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, reduce the risk of elbow injuries and also avoid performance killing arm pump.  

Small fits a circumference of the largest part of your forearm that's under 11"


Transparent injection-molded thermoplastic polymers
Delrin® high-performance acetal resin
Lightweight medical grade 6061 aluminum
Velcro fastening system.