About Lee Ramage

Lee Ramage has been involved in the motocross industry for 40 years. First as a pro racer, now as a therapist and product innovator. In 2015 Lee solved the age old arm pump issue with his product innovation, 4Arm Strong. Thousands of happy 4Arm Strong customers spent $59.95, one time to ride arm pump free for the first time. A small investment for years of improved riding enjoyment.

In early 2020 he introduced his newest product, Rocket Fuel +, a performance enhancing supplement in powder form that can easily be mixed in juice, a protein drink or smoothie, that has generated many positive reviews.

Rocket Fuel + enhances endurance/aerobic power, recovery, focus, immune support and manages joint stiffness. All valuable attributes for any motocross racer/athlete and everyone else looking to improve their quality of life.

Lee's accomplishments also include racing motocross for Team Yamaha Pro Support in 1981 and the Team Therapist for Rockstar Energy Racing Factory Racing Husqvarna in 2017 when he assisted Zach Osborne in winning his two championships.