About Lee Ramage

Lee Ramage is an Active Release Techniques Practitioner. He has successfully treated hundreds of people that suffered from Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel and Arm Pump. Active Release Techniques (ART) is considered the Gold Standard of all tissue therapies. An ART practitioner will primarily use their thumbs and/or finger pads to compress on a problem area, that is the contributor of pain, stiffness and range of motion issues, then tension it in the opposite direction while the client stretches. 

Because of Lee's success with these treatments, he has been asked to travel with athletes and sports teams and on many occasions, more than one in the same time period. This prompted Lee to develop a medical device called the "4Arm Strong" which duplicates his thumbs and fingers, by creating similar tension on the client while they stretch in the opposite direction. 

Since the development and introduction of the 4Arm Strong in 2015, Lee has sold close to 20,000 units. With a 30 day money back guarantee, Lee has received only 10 returns, a clear validation of the efficacy of the product.

Lee, a former pro motocross racer first developed the 4Arm Strong to treat Arm Pump, an issue suffered by motocross racers, rock climbers, MMA fighters to name a few. Soon after the introduction of the 4Arm Strong, it was discovered to successfully treat Tennis and Golfer's Elbow and Carpal Tunnel symptoms. 

In early 2020 Lee introduced his newest product, Rocket Fuel +, a performance enhancing supplement in powder form that can easily be mixed in juice, a protein drink or smoothie, that has generated many positive reviews.

Rocket Fuel + enhances endurance/aerobic power, recovery, focus, immune support and manages joint stiffness, reduces inflammation and expedites healing. All valuable attributes for an athlete looking for a competitive advantage, as well as anyone looking for a drug free solution to relieve pain and stiffness from injuries like Tennis Elbow.

Lee's accomplishments also include racing Pro Motocross for Team Yamaha Pro Support in 1981 and as the Team Therapist for Rockstar Energy Racing Factory Racing Husqvarna in 2017.