What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis is an injury to the elbow that commonly occurs from overuse.  Playing tennis is one way to create this injury, however it is common among many other activities, like weight lifting, rock climbing, pickleball and even in the workplace if one uses their hands to push, pull and lift. If you suffer from Tennis Elbow or ever have, you may not even know how the injury occured, its that common.

Most Tennis Elbow sufferers will tell you this injury isn't easy recover from. Many people have experienced pain from Tennis Elbow for months, even years without relief.

Tennis Elbow occurs from repetitive movements, from months and even years of overuse. During this time, the tendons and muscles below the elbow will shorten and become fibrotic. This is when one last movement will pull the attachment off the elbow. Even a small fray from the elbow will result in many weeks and months of pain.  Tennis Elbow sufferers lose their grip strength and experience pain from many daily movements. Not only is competing in sports difficult, every day tasks can create pain.

There are a lot of so called treatments for Tennis Elbow, however, unless you are creating length in muscles that were shortened, anything that gives you relief will be temporary.

As long as this tissue remains shortened, a Tennis Elbow sufferer will have good days and bad days. Just when you think rest, a steroid shot, electrical stimulation, a brace has resulted in healing, it only takes one wrong move to aggravate the injury again. 

The 4Arm Strong was developed by an Active Release Techniques Practitioner, who when treating Tennis Elbow will use their thumb to pin and tension the shortened muscles then have the injured stretch. This stretching assistance will create the lengthening needed for instance pain relief, while preventing the muscles from tugging on the elbow attachment so it will heal.

The issue with seeing a therapist that knows these techniques is it can be very expensive and inconvenient. Typically it is required to see a therapist at least 4 days a week for several weeks to keep these muscles lengthened long enough for the elbow to heal.

The 4Arm Strong was precisely engineered and developed to simulate an ART therapist's thumb. This will allow anyone to treat themselves without seeing a therapist several times a week. The result is much greater convivence, treating yourself in the comfort of your own home at much lower cost. $69.95 one time versus at least $50 per session for a good therapist.