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Test Page

Arm Pain Slow You Down?

Repetitive movements required to compete in Esports can result in Carpal Tunnel symptoms, elbow pain and forearm stiffness, all of which negatively effect hand function and endurance. 

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Perform Your Best

Regular use of the 4Arm Strong will enhance your hand function regardless if you are suffering with any pain or stiffness issues. Treatment time is only a few minutes per arm. 

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How To Use The 4Arm Strong

4 Arm Strong Works

The 4Arm Strong was designed to replace the need to see a tissue therapist for treatment. Since it’s small and light it’s mobile and can travel with you for essential usage. 

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Enhance Hand Function

Self treat and prevent forearm and elbow injuries & pain with just a few minutes per arm. So many benefits with a small one time investment. The device is small and will travel with you anywhere!

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